The realm of Valindir is filled with various guildhalls that draw people of all races and creeds together with one common goal. Whether it is trade, a craft, or even a dedication to an art, there are guilds dotted in each and every corner of the world. Their members have grown over the years as more and more advantageous people have joined their ranks and paid their dues. They offer unique services and training to their members that can’t be found anywhere else in the world as well as affording them a way to meet others who can help in their endeavors.

For ease of use, we have placed all of the known guilds here on this page, but there are always secret guilds lurking throughout the lands that few speak of and even fewer who know about them.

The Assassins Guild
The Blacksmiths Guild
The Cooking Guild
The Courtesans Guild
The Guild of the Arts
The Guild of the Faithful
The Jewelers Guild
The Mages Guild
The Mercenaries Guild
The Merchants Guild
The Miners Guild
The Tailors Guild
The Thieves Guild
The Weaver’s Guild


Posted September 21, 2011 by belimedra

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