Long ago a great council was held in Isavra, the sacred city of the Elements. There, the Peoples came together to decide which of the creatures of the world were sentient and deserved their own lands and recognitions. Over the years this council has convened several times to welcome new Peoples into the fold (and once, to banish one) and to add the histories of their kind to the records.

Some races, of course, were never counted amongst the Peoples, and so they are considered by many to be “beasts” and lacking the true souls and rights of an actual People. For some creatures, such as basilisks and phoenixes, this is quite understandable; others, such as the goblins and dragons, blur the lines between beast and People and engender no small amount of disputes amongst scholars.

Listed below are the eighteen current races recognized by Isavra as being sentient People, and each of them happen to be available for play. This list may expand or contract in the future, depending upon in-game actions. All requests for characters not located on this list are treated as special applications and must have an excellent concept and Staff approval before they can be made.

Alubra: A bird-like People known for their musical abilities and religious devotion.

Centaurs: Having the bottom half of a horse and the upper half appearing Human-like, they are known for their strength and speed.

Danava: Masters of the sea, these blue-skinned People are a distant relation to the Elves and, like them, have built a great empire.

Daphinae: A relation to the Elves, these People make their home in the wilds with their giant wolves.

Drakien: Formerly dragons, now living in a cursed state as scaled humanoids.

Dwarves: A People which prefer to dwell underground and search for precious gems and metals.

Elves: Distant towards most all People, save the Gryphons, they are a long-lived, long-eared People.

Gryphons: Appearing as an amalgam of bird and feline, they are the traditional allies of the Elves.

Humans: The most numerous of all the Peoples, but also the shortest-lived, and certainly the most adaptable.

Kithras: A desert-dwelling People which bear a strong resemblance to felines.

: Communal-dwelling People with an insect-like appearance and a strong focus on the community over the individual.

Melrog: Magically-created People with a thick, stone-like skin which greatly resemble golems.

Minotaur: Strong-willed, strong-bodied bipedal People with a cow-like head.

Mithyrn: A subterranean, isolationist People with patterned, glowing skins.

Orcs: A predominately green-skinned People bearing many similarities to Humans underneath all those muscles.

Senai: An off-shoot of the Danava which have evolved brown and green skins, as well as a distinct distrust of their salty brethren.

: A winged, fey People which have raised the concepts of “honor” and “chivalry” to art forms.

Talmori: A bipedal, canine-like People which favor a naturalistic approach to life and the world.


Posted July 4, 2011 by Evoru

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