The Valindir Roster is where newcomers and veterans alike can look and see which pre-done characters are available for “adoption.” While many players create their own unique characters, some prefer to jump in on a story that has already been set up for them to get right to the RP. These can include vacant spots in governments, such as queens, kings, nobles and leaders, as well as purely role-playing characters like actors, courtesans etc… What happens most of the time is a new area will open and there are places that need to be filled, so bios of these characters are placed here for those interested to apply for them. It is also available for people to place their character on that they may be tired of playing, especially if it’s a high ranking member in an organization. We don’t want anyone to have to arbitrarily kill their character or let the storyline die if they are happy turning over the character to someone else to play.

To apply for a character currently available on the roster, send an email to the Valindir staff at Please include the following:

– The name of the character you are applying for
– Why you want to play that particular character
– What your plans for that character would be

As some of you will no doubt notice, all the characters currently available are only for the city of Danzibar. Currently that will be the only city available when testing launches, so the roles of the other political leaders will not yet need to be filled. As we open more areas, more characters will appear here, so check back often!

Adalyn Praidyn

Head Mistress Faylunia Kuldovi

Rehaidu Praidyn

Head Master Drevan Kotiban

Sophita Myran


Posted July 6, 2011 by Evoru

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